Road trip to New Orleans, a long time comin’ (for much)

The extent to which I am in wonder of this current phase of events is breathtaking, at moments. Half a decade after our first bout of merry travels, and with a long pause of independence in the middle, a creative friendship continues to find ground to flourish. I recently found some old adventure movies that I always thought I’d make into a short film, the dream still holds. Check out this raw footage from adventures in The Netherlands in 2013:

The simplicity of the dream-come-trues of the present is perhaps what makes them so sweet. Charlie and I will be driving Asher back to his home in New Orleans in a few short days, we’ll stick around for a few days for some fun and some final songs (for now). We’ll be playing with him on the street for a day or two, & we’ve got a show at a local spot called The Starlight Lounge on January 8th. It’s been so good to play these shows with him again these last few months, when we said our goodbyes nearly a year ago it was always hoped our musical escapades would continue. When Asher and I parted ways 5 years ago it was always hoped our creative escapades would continue. So it goes, there is hope.

We’ll be back to business as usual once we leave New Orleans, you can catch the full band live on the air towards the end of the month. Stay tuned.

p.s. The Lotus & the Bee (Holly’s novel from 2014) is going through a “revised edition” stage–excerpts & re-release coming soon. ❤