Winter in Urbana, show coming up this Friday with Asher (original trio)+surprise news

This poster was done in collaboration with Effingham artist, Haley Hansen. Smile Politely gave it an A+, so we are pretty happy!

We are approaching the 2 year anniversary of The Merry Travelers, it was The Alter Ego in the Evening’s Christmas radio special of 2016 that brought us all together. Asher sprung into town only hours before the show, Holly & Charlie were set to play as a duo, but then Asher crashed in. We ran through the songs two times, at most, and then headed to WEFT 90.1 Champaign. From there, tMT was born. 

Asher moved to New Orleans nearly a year ago, The Merry Travelers is generally a new lineup of Holly & Charlie, plus Cody & Louie. But every now and then, Asher comes back to town and the “old group” gets back together. This Friday we will be playing a mix of Holly & Asher’s original tunes. Charlie, of course, is our director. Eli & Sam are a local duo opening up the night, their soulful sound captivated Holly and Charlie at a show a few weeks ago. 

Exciting news ahead, the surprise. Holly, Charlie, & Asher are headed to New Orleans after The New Year for a little tMT reunion tour/friendly hang in Asher’s cool new city. We’ve got some performances lined up for this merry travel, be on the lookout for those announcements. ❤